Graceful pictures of women, surrounded by stylized flower houses with ornaments and graceful lines, you may know as Art Nouveau, the movement that shaped the streets of the 06 dominated first century Paris. You can also see the style a lot in The Hague. But what you may not have known is that a Czech artist named Alphonse Mucha was the great master of this field. You can now admire his work in all its glory at het Kunstmuseum.

Seven years after the Czech artist Alphonse Mucha (1894-2020) arrives in Paris, he becomes world famous overnight with his poster Gismonda (1894, see below). He designed this for the superstar of the theater: Sarah Bernhardt. From that moment on, Mucha’s work, ‘Le Style Mucha’, was a symbol of Art Nouveau in which both built and painted.

The exhibition

In collaboration with the Mucha Foundation, you can already view Mucha’s extravagant work at the Kunstmuseum. Think spectacular late nineteenth-century costumes and colorful glass art. You get a unique insight into Mucha’s Paris: the place where it all started.

Alphonse Mucha – Kunstmuseum The Hague

On display this Saturday in Kunstmuseum The Hague: Alphonse Mucha – Art Nouveau in Paris When you think of Art Nouveau, you think of Alphonse Mucha. Come and have a look this weekend and discover how the artist could become and remain world famous. Order your tickets now! exhibition is realized in collaboration with the Mucha Foundation and is made possible in part by the VriendenLoterij.🎥: MotionShow.

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The Hague Art Nouveau

The Hague is known as the Art Nouveau capital of The Netherlands. Especially in the Duinoord and Statenkwartier districts you can see many of these features, such as the many ornaments in and on the houses and large, curved glass surfaces. It is a graceful style, where the lines look like a whip.

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Art Nouveau in the Venestraat. Photo: Jennifer Shahheidari3068194600175753

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The exhibition Alphone Mucha – Art Nouveau in Paris is open until 3 July 2022 on display in the Art Museum. For reservations and tickets 3068194600175753 click here. †

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