Trevvel travelers gave the carrier’s service in 2020 an even better rating than in 2020. This is apparent from research by independent research agency Blauw Research and customer reviews via the Trevvel app. The drivers received a 9.2 as a rating.

For transport to school, daytime activities and work, which falls under the name Trevvel Route, the score was 7.8. Trevvel Samen, the social-recreational transport, scored an 8.1. 4. respondents took part in the study of the Blauw Research. In the Trevvel app gave 21. users a rating. Trevvel’s total service provision has thus been addressed: from booking to aftercare, from call center to driver.

Even higher score in The high scores would be in line with the carrier’s strategy. The aim is to achieve high quality and customer satisfaction. For this reason, customer satisfaction is also continuously monitored. This showed that important indicators, such as punctuality and complaint rate, showed a positive trend throughout the year.

The management of Trevvel is pleased with the results achieved and has the ambition to to increase even further. “We are a very stable company with employees who are passionate about their work,” says general manager Arno van Haasterrecht. “We think it is important that everyone enjoys coming to work every day, is highly motivated and has expertise. That is why we invest a lot in our people and this research also shows that our customers notice and appreciate this.”

Many adjustments However, according to Trevvel, high customer satisfaction within target group transport in 2020 was not self-evident. The company states that the reduced traffic jam pressure, especially before the summer, was one of the few windfalls. In addition, the ever-changing corona measures continuously affected target group transport and travelers. The many adjustments were experienced as unpleasant by both the carrier and the travelers. “Predictability and a fixed structure within transport are especially important for certain groups of schoolchildren and the elderly. In addition, many travelers fall within the risk group. They are extra critical of the carrier and fellow travelers”, says the carrier.

The current shortage on the labor market is ultimately causing problems for many carriers. In progress. By investing heavily in the workforce, Trevvel states that they have maintained this at a sufficient level. Despite the pressure on transport due to the consequences of corona, the current omikron variant and the shortages on the labor market, Trevvel still manages to provide good service. And while the challenges at the start of 2020 are even more severe, the company looks to the future with confidence.

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