Theater maker Gerard Olthaar (24) has not been able to do his work in coronat time for a long time. But he did not sit still until the cultural sector would reopen. He started out as a taxi driver and he liked it. To such an extent that even now that he is allowed to return to the theater due to the recent relaxation, he does not say goodbye to the profession.

Due to the lockdowns, Olthaar came into financial and mental health a difficult situation, he says in an interview with the AD. Especially during the second lockdown, he was unable to do the work he loves so much. In the last lockdown, however, he found a remedy: a new job as a taxi driver, which he works for five to six hours a day.

Olthaar transports vulnerable children from their home in the Rotterdam area. to a child care institution in Capelle aan den IJssel. He started doing this job because he wanted to be self-sufficient and not dependent on benefits. After seeing an ad from Taxiwerq on social media, he decided to apply.

Application Process Sander Boer, team leader selection & training at Taxiwerq, remembers Olthaar and his enthusiasm all too well. According to him, his passion to play in front of an audience became immediately apparent during the application process, but so did his sense of reality. Given the situation, it seemed like a good idea to combine his passion with the profession of a taxi driver. “His appearance, the description of his personal situation in terms of work, but above all the enthusiasm and realism with which he spoke about the combination of theater and taxi, made that we as a selection and training department were only too happy to start the process with him,” said Mr. Boer.

While talking, Taxiwerq quickly noticed that Olthaar is firmly in his shoes. “In addition to a lot of life experience, he has gained a lot of relevant driving experience throughout Europe with his theater company.” According to Boer, he therefore partly laid the foundation for the process himself. “As Taxiwerq, we were able to give concrete form to this together with the hiring taxi company and to put the important points on the I for Gerard.”

Taxi work gives a good feeling Although Olthaar is happy that he can go back into the theater to continue his trusted work, he does not stop with taxi work. It gives him a good feeling, because he can help others and gets a lot of gratitude from, for example, the parents of the children. He also indicates that he will do everything he can to remain a taxi driver. And Taxiwerq also hopes that he will continue to make the combination of theater and the taxi for a long time to come.

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