In Haaren in North Brabant, two men threatened and assaulted a taxi driver during the night from Saturday to Sunday. This happened after a discussion arose about the amount of the ride.

The taxi driver picked up the two men, who were around the 27 years are estimated, at half past eleven in Tilburg. Together with a woman they got into the taxi. After the taxi driver had dropped off the woman, he drove on to Haaren at the request of the gentlemen to drop them off there.

Arriving at the destination, the men 50 pay euros for the taxi ride. They thought this was too much, which led to a discussion. During this discussion, one of the men grabbed the taxi driver from behind out of nowhere in the headlock and held him until his friend got out and opened the door for him. When this was successful, the two fled.

Their side of the story The police indicated that a good description of the men and that the first name of one of them was known. An appeal was therefore quickly issued to them to report. On Sunday afternoon, the police announced that they had done this and that they can tell their side of the story. Read also:

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