If you’ve recently been to the Westbroekpark, you probably noticed it. There’s a life-size cat next to the Greens restaurant. This impressive and very striking statue is really worth a look. But it’s not just there: there is a message behind it that makes you think.

Do you regularly post pictures of your cat on Insta without permission? of the beast? Then you violate his or her privacy! We are of course kidding here, but we now have exactly the message that the campaign ‘Think twice before you share‘. According to the Ministry of Security and Justice, cats are “often made fun of online by their owners and are therefore perhaps the biggest ‘victims’ of privacy violations.”

The World Wide Web

Because do you actually think twice before sharing a photo or video of someone (a human of course, not a cat) on social media? Usually it’s a lot of fun to post that one pic with that acquaintance or friend in the background. But certainly not always. Because from that moment on, everything you share is no longer in your hands: from then on it goes over the world wide web and that’s where it stays.

What you certainly don’t want is for others to decide what happens to your photo or video. And that can get very annoying. For Charlotte (25) this was the case.

Unsolicited tagged

On the website ‘Think twice before sharing‘ she says: “I attended a demonstration and was tagged in her story by a friend. That is something I would never share myself, because not everyone needs to know my political affiliations.

It is very difficult to remove photos and videos from the internet. Often what is posted on the internet can still be found years later. And you may not want to be confronted with photos or videos from the past at all later on. It is possible that photos and videos can no longer be seen on your timeline if you have deleted the message, but still by others. They can then still share the message or take screenshots of it and distribute it.”


In short, share online can have adverse consequences for you and the other. To encourage the victims of online privacy violations, the life-size cat is located next to restaurant Greens in Westbroekpark. It was made by the Belgian Nick Ervinck and can be seen until February 2022.

And.. You can take a picture of this cat and share it on social media!

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