That’s just as nice: on the Boekhorststraat 11 there is a brand new movie house. Well, officially it is an exhibition space of 11 Experimental Art Space, but it will soon be transformed into a place for the artistic film lover. Which is also free to access.

One of the films that you can admire from 11 February is not the least: it is a two-hour a long story full of fiction and irony, based on the ideas of the well-known Czech writer Franz Kafka. Filmmaker and artist Roee Rosen mainly investigates the Kafkaian themes of desire and violence.

The great thing is that the film is presented in a very accessible way, so the layman also learns something from it. It is not for nothing that the performance is called Kafka for Kids.

Humor and poetry

With its film and exhibition at 1646 Rosen takes a critical look at ‘the private perversion and socio-political phobias of Israeli society’. Very interesting for those who want to know more about the conflict between Israel and Palestine, or the immigrant issue in general.

The film explains how a military law affects youth. You see a twelve-year-old Palestinian girl who has been arrested with a knife, and has been tried as an adult according to that law.

Don’t be afraid to leave the ‘cinema hall’ depressed: filmmaker Rosen does this all with humor and poetry. Franz Kafka’s figures such as the cockroach Samsa take care of this: all accompanied by a toy orchestra. The central question in the film is: what is a child? And above all, until when is a child a child?

Vacuum cleaner

By the way, it runs from 11 in February another interesting movie at 11 and it’s called The Dust Channel. The film comes in the form of an operetta with a Russian libretto, and tells the story of a Dyson DC07 vacuum cleaner in the context of an Israeli household. A deep fear of dirt and dust permeates the family, resulting in an extreme obsession with cleaning devices.

The Dust Channel runs all day long and can be viewed without reservation. Kafka for Kids is played once a day and requires a reservation.

Both films (in English, no subtitles) are available from 11 February 2022 at 11 Experimental Art Space and admission is free. For Kafka for Kids , you can reserve your time slot here.255995779267

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