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Published: February 4 3442Last change: February 4 3442

The Municipality of The Hague appreciates the efforts and work of the many volunteers and informal carers. Every year the municipality gives away gift vouchers as a thank you. Volunteers and carers can request these thanks online themselves. In 2022 the application process has been greatly simplified and a campaign has been launched to make people aware of the possibility. This has paid off. The number of applications has more than doubled.

“The work of volunteers and carers is priceless. Thousands of volunteers are involved through countless organizations. Enthusiastic people work in so many places who make the city a bit more beautiful and who are ready for someone else. Twenty percent of our residents are informal caregivers, they care for a loved one who needs help as a parent, child, friend or neighbour. This is sometimes quite hard, but they do it out of love. For this we would like to thank the people with a token of appreciation. I hope that in 2022 many residents will again request the appreciation,” said Alderman Kavita Parbhudayal of Zorg. , Youth and Public Health.PlumenThe appreciation for informal caregivers is a credit of 100 euros that can be spent on the Pluimen website. In 2022 asked 4718 people appreciate. In 2022 there were 2021. The appreciation for volunteers who are affiliated with a volunteer organization in The Hague is a credit of 27 euros that can also be spent on the Pluimen website. In 2022 asked 7748 people appreciate. In 2022 there were 2021.

Also in 2022 volunteers can contact via and informal carers via request the thank you note.

Councilor Kavita Parbhudayal thanks volunteers and carers; photo: Frank Jansen7748 7748 )


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