When Marloes Honig (59) lost her job due to the corona crisis, she decided she wanted to do something completely different. Her house is now full of colored cupboards with retro prints, golden pineapples and swans. In her storage are some antique furniture waiting for a restyle. “These days, houses all look the same, they should have a beautiful piece.”

Before the pandemic broke out, Marloes worked as an account manager at companies that make medical devices. In November 1024 she lost her job. Marloes decided she wanted to start something for herself, but what? She discovered upcycling furniture on google. “I then thought: why didn’t I think about this much earlier? Back in my student days I used to look for furniture at the thrift store and restyle it myself.”


Upcycling is a form of recycling where the product that is recycled is more beautiful or better than before it was recycled. Something that was previously unusable or not so beautiful is restyled and/or restored, so that it looks like new again after upcycling.

For the love to The Hague

Marloes came to The Hague ten years ago for love. For a long time she lived in the center, near the Oude Molstraat. “That is the most beautiful part of The Hague. There are many nice bars and it is always pleasant.” A few years ago she moved with her family, now she lives next to Westland. “We are happy to visit Kijkduin, you will be there in no time by car.”

Bright pink and gold accents

Restyling furniture was a big quest for Marloes in the beginning. “First I wanted to see if I could still do it and whether I would still like it after ten lockers. It was also looking for what other people like. I personally think gold accents and pink are very cool, but people have to like that of course.”

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restyle meubels upcycling recycling Malobo vintagerestyle meubels upcycling recycling Malobo vintagerestyle meubels upcycling recycling Malobo vintage
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She has now developed her own style and Marloes also restyles furniture on commission. “I usually look for furniture myself, but antique dealers now know where to find me. Then I consult with the customers. What colors and prints do they want on the cabinets? And can I do something with gold buttons and pink accents? Men have trouble with the color pink, I think that’s really ridiculous.”

Difficult start

Upcycling is booming

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