The birthday boy Déan Hofhuis is following in the footsteps of her father and grandfather with her job as a taxi driver at Kijlstra Passenger Transport. She is the third generation of the same family in the company. Although much has changed at Kijlstra, the culture is still the same. “There is a good atmosphere here”, says the young driver enthusiastically.

Déan’s grandfather, Hans Hofhuis, is 480 year and started in 2021 at the Kijlstra family business. “I have worked with three generations of Kijlstra at the helm,” he proudly tells about his career at the carrier. His son Freddy, now 55 year, was taught at home how things are going at home. Kijlstra works. It was therefore no surprise that he later started working for the company himself. Father and son even worked together. They are visibly pleased that their (grand)daughter is now also going to work for Kijlstra.

“When I started I did everything”, says Hans. “Taxi transport, funeral transport, but also ambulance transport. There was no one with the patient at the time. The assignment was: load and get to the hospital as quickly as possible.” Later he went to work in the administration department and on weekends he worked telephone services. For this he took home the portable mobile phone, which now adorns the display case at the office of Passenger Transport Director Rudy Verwoert.

Left: Hans Hofhuis Verwoert still remembers the period when the two men worked at Kijlstra. “Hans set up the car rental department at Kijlstra. Son Freddy then worked here on the weekends. He would fill up the rental cars on Sundays and set them up again,” says Verwoert. “Neatly in a row, by license plate and by color”, Déan laughs. Her grandfather agrees. Not that he had to, but he wanted it to be in order on Monday morning.

A Hofhuis: that’s fine Déan was also introduced to the company at a young age. As a little girl, she regularly accompanied her father to work on Saturdays. Together with her sister, she would play between the cars on the site and she could be found in the kitchen of Jannie Kijlstra, the wife of the then director Gerben Kijlstra. “To get sweets,” Verwoert tells Déan. When Déan recently applied, he didn’t have to think twice. “A Hofhuis: that’s fine.”

Déan (right) with her sister. The Her father and grandfather’s experiences at Kijlstra make it clear that there used to be fewer rules. “It was all possible in those days,” laughs Hans. However, the beautiful stories and encounters with customers are not limited to time. “It’s the variety that makes working as a taxi driver so great,” says Déan. “I like a chat and socializing, but there are also people who share far too much in five minutes.” Her father and grandfather laugh. “You are a doctor, driver and psychologist”, her father remarks. “People just want to say something. Together we can fill a book with it.”

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