The new collective labor agreement for Healthcare Transport and Taxi entails important changes. Henk van Gelderen of Social Fund Mobility explains in a video what changes are involved and what this means for the industry.

Changes to the new collective labor agreement include: the wage increase of 2.5 percent and the removal of step two in the wage structure as of January 1 2022. But the most important change, according to Van Gelderen, is the changed definition of the paid time as of 1 March. Unpaid interruptions are therefore a thing of the past. Instead, in a no-block service, taxi drivers are paid for all the time they are available for work.

SFM Portal In the new situation, the so-called SFM portal is used. Employers must indicate in this at least one day in advance what kind of shift and at what times drivers are rostered. A distinction is made here between maxflex and service blocks.

More about this, and about the other changes in the explanation video:

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