Say goodbye to boring colours, shapes and materials at home. With these five trends you ensure that every room in your home becomes completely trendy . You can easily identify these trends and find them all under one roof at Wooning kitchens and bathrooms. Take a quick look at which trend you would like to bring into your home.

Black, blacker, blackest

Looking for something unique for your home? Then go for a lot of black in your interior. A matte black sink is all the rage right now. Combine it with an equally black or brass tap for the perfect picture. By using dark colors you immediately give your home a touch of glamor and mystery. Top it off with a single metallic detail for that little bit extra.

Smart solutions for your kitchen or bathroom

Devices in the kitchen are getting smarter. How about making a cup of coffee with your smartphone? Or preheat your oven with a handy app? You see that more and more. But a really nice piece of smart technology is a camera in your fridge . With this you can easily check in the supermarket whether or not you have cheese.

Get the wood into your home

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of adding wood to your interior is probably

a wooden floor. It brings a warm atmosphere to your home, and you can use it in all directions in terms of color and style. Complete the picture and match your kitchen worktop and dining table to your floor. At Wooning you will not only find beautiful wood look floors, but also cool wooden wall cabinets. This does not always have to be real wood, because nowadays you also have materials that are indistinguishable from real wood. So you have wood in every interior, for every wallet.

Mirror, mirror on the wall …

A trend that you can easily apply in your bathroom is a round mirror. This is a nice change between all those other angular shapes in the house, such as a bed, bathtub or sink. You have countless round mirrors: large and small, with or without a frame and with or without ringlight around it. In other words: enough choice. Take a look in the showroom of Wooning in The Hague.

Bathing until you weigh an ounce

The pinnacle of luxury in the bathroom is of course a freestanding bath. It makes your bathroom a lot more spacious, making it look like a real wellness. Place the tub diagonally in a corner for a playful look. Do you have a smaller bathroom and do you think it doesn’t fit? No worries! A freestanding bath often takes up a lot of space. When you remove a bath tap from the wall, you have more space left over because you can move the bath a bit. Want to know what that could look like? With this 3D tool you can design your own bathroom.


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