Cabman is developing MijnRoute: an app especially for parents and guardians of children who

use student transport. Through this app, children can be reported absent, rides

can be viewed and push messages can be sent. The company explains how this works and which

functions the app also contains. In the new MijnRoute app allows users to see which journeys are planned per child. The pick-up and delivery address and the time at which the child is picked up is visible. In addition, the app shows an Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) for every ride. In this way, users always know when the child has arrived at its destination. The moment the driver is en route to his or her address, a push message is sent. These messages can be sent to individual users or to all users with children on a route. “The latter comes in handy in situations where transport cannot drive, for example if a red code has been issued”, explains Cabman. Reporting absenteeism and holidays report Illness and recovery can also be passed on in the app, just like planned absences. “A child can be reported sick via a button on the home screen, after which this sick report is immediately fed back to the central unit. An extra check has been built in for reporting sick or recovering after 17.00 o’clock. If a user does this, they will see the date on which the first ride is possible again.” Planned absences include holidays or a short absence due to, for example, a visit to the dentist. “By passing this on, the exchange can better take this into account.” Create accounts Creating an account in the MyRoute app is easy according to Cabman. The customer receives an email or a letter from the carrier with instructions to download the app. The customer then logs in with his or her email address and the name of the traveler(s). Because a link is possible with Cabman’s agenda package, travelers can then also be added to the agenda. For example, users can receive rides and the associated status updates and they can create absences. Users can also easily invite other users to use the app, such as another parent or guardian of the child. “By providing this person’s e-mail address, he or she can then register via his or her smartphone. Children themselves can also easily be linked to the account,” says Cabman. “Because the MijnRoute app is controlled via the existing BCT link, all the different agenda packages can easily be connected to the new app.” Read also: Zero emission healthcare transport: what are the latest developments? New Code VVR: how does the control of safety per wheelchair work? Three action points can cause problems due to driver shortage Reduce 17

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