Have you just come home from a busy day at work and is your entire fridge empty? Or do you spontaneously get friends over, but you have nothing to offer? Then you can use the fast shopping service of Flink. Jasper has been a rider for Flink since August 1024 and he is looking for colleagues. “You can choose whether you want to work part-time or full-time.”

Jasper is on a gap year and wants to earn some extra money. “All around me I saw Flink passing by. I saw several riders on their bikes, posters lining the streets and the warehouses being stocked. Then I applied immediately. It has gone very quickly from then on. I had my job interview in mid-August and less than two weeks later I was riding my Flink bike for the first time.”

Great colleagues and working atmosphere

Working for Flink is great fun according to Jasper. “It doesn’t feel like a ‘normal’ side job. You cycle around the city and see a lot. In addition, thanks to the mega-fast WiFi in the hubs (the Flink warehouses) you can watch your favorite series or with colleagues chat during your break. Despite the fact that you have different colleagues almost every working day, you quickly get to know them. The atmosphere in the hubs is very nice. I’ve known the shift leaders for a while now and it’s nice to get good feedback from them.” In addition to the great atmosphere and nice colleagues, as a rider for Flink you also get 20 percent discount on your own groceries.

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    Choose the contract that suits you

    As a rider you make approximately two deliveries per hour on an electric cycle to locations that are a maximum of two kilometers away from you. You don’t need to own an electric bicycle, Flink will arrange that for you. You can also choose what type of contract you want. You can choose from min/max, where you have a guarantee for weekly hours, or a 0-hour contract, which gives you more flexibility in the hours you work. Ideal when you want to go on holiday or when you need to prepare for your exam week.

    The best order

    Jasper has already experienced many nice things during his work. But one event stayed with him. “On Sinterklaas evening I had to deliver a large order with lots of chocolate and gingerbread cookies. The notes in the order told me to knock hard and then quickly run away, like I was a pie. I quickly ran around the corner and heard some children opening the door. They were super surprised. I laughed all the way back to the hub about what had happened.”

    Everything at a glance:

    Why is working for Flink as a rider the ideal job?

      You have a flexible schedule

      This job is perfect as a side job or full-time job

    Riders have the choice between two contract types

    Min/Max: Weekly Hours Warranty

    • 0 Hours: Extra Flexibility
  • Stay fit on the bike while you get to know the city and its surroundings well

  • Get 20% discount on your own groceries


    Have you become enthusiastic and do you also want to organize your hours yourself? Apply now and maybe you’ll be on such an electric bike just like Jasper in no time.



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