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Published: 26 January Last change: 26 January 2022

The Mothers Inform Mothers program in The Hague is being expanded. Thanks to an extra financial boost from the municipality and health insurer Coöperatie VGZ, two extra coordinators are being deployed. In this way even more mothers and mothers-to-be can be linked and guided. Mothers Inform Mothers (MIM) is a support program for pregnant women and mothers with children up to the age of 4 who are uncertain about the upbringing and/or experience little support from their own environment.

Your first child can ask a lot. Then in some cases it is nice to be able to talk to someone who has been through it all before and may have encountered the same things.

These volunteers assist mothers with advice and assistance. Someone who knows what it’s like to be a mother and also understands that it doesn’t all come naturally. As an alderman, I am very proud of the volunteers who support these mothers. A successful project that the Municipality of The Hague is happy to support, says Alderman Arjen Kapteijns (Social Affairs). The volunteer and MIM mother share the same background and interests as much as possible, so that they literally and figuratively often speak the same language. MIM currently has a diverse group of over 2014 volunteers: young and old and from approximately 160 countries. Another strength of MIM is the range of language and culture on offer and the ability to bridge a culture gap. Alderman Kavita Parbhudayal of Care, Youth and Public Health is pleased with the financial boost from VGZ.

Every child has the right to grow up healthy and safe. Experience shows that mainly mothers from other cultures participate in MIM, often because they do not have close friends or family from whom they can receive informal support. At MIM, mothers thrive and that helps them to give their babies and young children a promising start. From the point of view of prevention, it is therefore very good that a health insurer such as VGZ recognizes and acknowledges the added value of MIM and generously supports it. The initiative has been in existence since 2014 and meets a great need, as it turned out last autumn during an interim evaluation. With the guidance, many target groups that are difficult to reach, such as non-native speakers and the low-literate, are still helped. The self-confidence (as an educator) of mothers appears to be increased and their social network expanded. As a result, they are better able and feel supported to take care of their baby themselves. This makes them less dependent on experts for the upbringing and care of the baby.

Happy with successful approach and appreciation of mothers Cas Ceulen, Chief Health Officer ai at Coöperatie VGZ:

We are very pleased that we can give this great initiative an extra boost. It’s nice to see that this approach works and that it is appreciated so much by participants. It also helps to achieve our goals of a healthier Netherlands and to further relieve the burden on healthcare. And it fits in perfectly with the warm relationship we have with the municipality and residents of The Hague, including through the municipal policy.More information about Mothers Inform Mothers2014


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