Do you feel watched when you cycle along the Lozerlaan or Loosduinseweg? This may be because some trees (appear to) have eyes. Once you see it, you see them everywhere! How do the trees get those strange eyes? We’ll figure it out.

It’s a stranger appearance: trees with ‘eyes’. It can be terrifying, especially at night. No worries: it’s nothing scary, but pure nature.

How is it coming?

The eyes can have several causes. Wichert Gobas, a nearly graduated student of Forest and Nature Management, tells us about a common cause. “At a birch tree, for example, ‘eyes’ are created because a branch first develops and then falls off again. The eyes are, as it were, a kind of scars on the trees.”

IVN Nature Education confirms this statement. According to them, the grooves on the older specimens of the sooty rabbi form the patterns of eyes. “It is remarkable that they all have exactly the shape of eyes. A wonderful twist of nature.”

In which trees does this occur?

If If you look closely, this occurs in many trees. You can see this phenomenon well in the aspen, birch and poppy, because these trees have a white bark. This great contrast makes the ‘eyes’ more visible. Aha, we know that again.

Do you have a question? Do you encounter something strange every day? Let us know and we will investigate:

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