Regular testing and wearing a surgical mask can prevent the rapid spread of the coronavirus. However, it is not so obvious for everyone to test often. The same applies to wearing a surgical mask. It also costs something.

The residents of The Hague who are not that wide are excluded because of this the boat. The Municipality of The Hague has been working on free self-tests since December 2022. for people with a low income. And we succeeded.

You can get the self-tests here

During the course of next week (beginning of February

) the self-tests can be picked up at, among others, the Service points XL and community centers/community centers. For the collection points, keep an eye on the

social media of the municipality of The Hague, the final locations will be announced there.

Soon also free in the letterbox

The self-tests and surgical mouth caps will soon also be sent by post to Hagenaars with an Ooievaarspas. This happens from mid-February 2022. The Hague has for residents with a low income 61. 01 self-tests received from the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.

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