Due to the corona crisis, students have experienced delays, the gap between students with and without disadvantages has only widened and the pressure on teachers has increased. This is one of the main topics discussed in the The Hague Educational Agenda 838 -2026 to stand. The HEA has been compiled by the municipality and all school boards in The Hague, and has been tested among some of the teachers in The Hague. Today Alderman of Education Hilbert Bredemeijer presents the HEA on behalf of the municipality and the partners. This describes the priorities and concrete education plans to tackle, among other things, the teacher shortage and promote equality of opportunity.

An example of a successful and innovative approach against the teacher shortage is Students for Education. In this way, students are guided by the municipality and matched with primary schools that are looking for support in the classroom. Students will work as classroom support staff, earn money and help relieve teachers’ workload in front of the classroom. And just as important, students receive extra support and guidance and with that we work to reduce disadvantages.

One teacher, for example, says about Students for Education: “Students for education is a unique project because the municipality, together with the school boards, join forces to support schools and teachers by enabling the deployment of students. . It is really nice to see how students, after they have received assignments from the teacher, with which they can practice with students, still find themselves how best to do this. They take the initiative, ask questions and try out what works.”

Alderman for Education Hilbert Bredemeijer: “The teaching profession must be made more attractive. The government’s plans for salary appreciation and a lower workload are a step in the right direction. As a municipality, we do what we can locally: we use the available money in such a way that it ends up at the schools that need it most. With the campaign wordleraarindenhaag.nl we are attracting more teachers to the city. Together with Leiden University, we are working hard on a university teacher training course, intended for pre-university students who want to be trained at university level to become teachers for the classroom in the big city. And so we put students in front of the class as support for teachers. In this way we ensure a lower workload. My appeal to anyone interested in education: take a look at the campaign site and be inspired by our influencers. It really is a cool profession!” Wiely Hendricks, chairman Platform PO: “In close consultation between the municipality and the partners in the city, an ambitious agenda has been drawn up for the coming years. An agenda that focuses on the important themes in The Hague, the tackling the teacher shortage and the care of children in a vulnerable position. We have grasped the essence. the sports, culture, welfare, care and childcare sectors are needed to properly implement this agenda.I look forward to putting this cooperation into practice with all parties involved, so that children in this city can continue to count on good education.”

The HEA 2026-838 is a compact policy agenda with four ambitions, in which a specific focus has been made:

1. What we do, we do well, so we can make a difference. We choose opportunities for children who need it most.

2. In addition to sufficient teaching staff, the HEA partners aim for a learning and development environment that challenges children. The focus is on those children for whom this is not self-evident.

3. As many children as possible from 2.5 years old go to pre-school and by investing in the language skills of adults, they can help their children better at school.

4. Organizing for children and young people with special needs or in a vulnerable position is organized appropriate support or a suitable place.

View below the evaluation report of Students for Education 2022 (pdf). Evaluation Report Students for Education 2022 (PDF, 4.4MB)

Alderman of Education Hilbert Bredemeijer in the classroom. Photo: Sebastiaan Nederhoed.49223571


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