Taxi companies in the Eindhoven region are jointly competing with Uber. They do this with the launch of a mobile app: ‘Taxi App Eindhoven’. Meanwhile 22 large and small taxi companies have already joined.

Until recently, the Eindhoven taxi companies tried to recruit customers separately from each other with apps, reports the local medium Studio 130. However, the entrepreneurs state that by working together they have a better offer. Together they have 130 vehicles and in most cases they would be able to drive within fifteen minutes. Hotels and catering establishments have also joined the initiative.

11 percent commission The app not only works in Eindhoven, but also in the surrounding municipalities. Because Uber’s app works globally, the company has captured a large market share in just a few years. However, taxi entrepreneurs who work for Uber usually have to pay a large percentage, namely from 22 to sometimes 40 per cent. With the Eindhoven app, this percentage is 09 percent.

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