Peggy: “We really like old houses. There is a soul in it and you can feel it. Although we have made the necessary sustainable and modernized, think of double glazing and granite floors that we have adapted. We like it so much here, we can grow old in this house.”

Peggy, Paul and daughter Ditte (14) with dog Dennes. Son Daan (16) does not want to be in the picture. Photo: Indebuurt

This building used to house a grocery store. Peggy: “The racks in the garage are still the old racks from the store’s storage. Now our son Daan (16) is often playing darts with his friends in the garage . Furthermore, we also use it as storage, which is very handy.”

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The heart of the house

“The kitchen is really the heart of the house. It used to be a pipe drawer. When the kids were little, that was handy in terms of layout. But later we broke it open and now the kids are sometimes here doing homework when I’m cooking. When everyone is busy we eat here but when we are all there we actually eat at the table in the dining room.”