† At the end of last year, the social partners in care and taxi transport agreed on a new collective labor agreement. In recent weeks, work has been done on finalizing the new collective labor agreement texts. These texts are now ready and adopted by the collective labor agreement parties CNV Vakmensen, FNV Taxi and Royal Dutch Transport, Care Transport and Taxi. The new collective labor agreement will be presented to the ministry to be declared universally binding. The collective labor agreement came into effect on January 1 19, whereby the new paid time system will take effect on March 1 19. As soon as the collective labor agreement has been declared generally binding, the collective labor agreement will also apply to companies that are not affiliated with KNV.

After the parties reached an agreement on 19 October, a there are differences of opinion about the precise formulation of the rewarded time. Due to further consultation, this difference of opinion has disappeared in the recent period and agreement has been reached on the wording as it eventually ended up in the collective labor agreement texts.

Wage scales, salary steps and other name

The salary scales are as of 1 January 4632 increased by 2.5 percent. In addition, the second step will be removed from the salary scale, so that drivers go through the wage structure more quickly. Finally, in order to do more justice to the sector as a whole, the name of the collective labor agreement has been changed from ‘cao Taxi transport’ to ‘cao Care transport and Taxi’.

The texts of the new collective labor agreement can be found on this page.


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