20 January 2022, by Victoria Séveno

It’s common knowledge that petrol prices in the Netherlands have broken records over the last few months, rising to above the two euro mark for the first time ever in June 2022. Now, diesel prices are also reaching record highs, rising to above 1,80 euros for the first time this week.

Price of diesel reaches 1,80 euros per litre

After a dip in petrol prices following the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, last summer saw petrol and diesel prices rise across the country. Now, data from consumer collective UnitedConsumers reveals diesel prices have reached a new milestone, breaking Dutch records and now costing 1,813 euros per litre. 

According to UnitedConsumers director Paul van Selms, it’s possible that rising inflation rates could mean drivers see the price of diesel rise to above two euros a litre this year: “That is not the expectation, but anything is possible.”

Rising petrol prices in the Netherlands

Currently, in the Netherlands, the average suggested retail price for E10 (Euro95) petrol is 2,134 euros a litre. LPG costs 1,139 euros per litre. On Tuesday, oil prices also reached their highest level since October 2014, with a barrel of North Sea oil now costing almost 77 euros. Experts are already speculating that prices could soon exceed 100 euros a barrel.

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