Jobinder has been responsible for transport on two bus lines in North-East Friesland since the start of the new Arriva timetable on 9 January. The export is at Taxicentrale Waaksma and TaxiNOF. It concerns the line between Dokkum and Paesens and between Damwâld and the Buitenpost football club.

By using taxi buses on these lines, the supply is better aligned with the demand for transport, reports the local weekly Actief . This step has been taken with the aim of maintaining mobility in North-East Friesland. The transport system in the area will become more robust with the new mode of transport. Moreover, the use of taxis makes transport more sustainable. The cars are now equipped with equipment to read OV chip cards.

Contributing to the quality of life in the region Jobinder has been providing student and social assistance transport for the municipalities in the Northeast Friesland region since 2021. By now also providing this extension of public transport for the province, Jobinder wants to contribute to the mobility of the inhabitants and thus the quality of life in the region.

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