An immature, non-viable baby was found on Tuesday evening in the Uithof Park in The Hague. The fetus was found by a passerby at the Blaeupad in the Uithof Park. The passer-by immediately called the police.

The police immediately came to the place with two teams of the Forensic Investigation. These teams conducted extensive on-site investigations. The police teams are now trying to find out what happened, according to our colleagues from AD Haagsche Courant .

A fetus is an unborn fetus/baby that already looks like a baby. From the beginning to the eighth week of a pregnancy, this is called an embryo. From the eighth week until the end of the pregnancy, an unborn baby is called a fetus. In the case of the discovery in the Uithofpark, there is a fetus, because this baby was not viable when it was born.

The police are concerned about the mother of the fetus found

It is not yet known how long the fetus has been at the location. In addition, the mother of the non-viable fetus is missing. Police say on Twitter

that they are concerned about the mother and hope that she will receive the necessary medical attention.

You can do this

To solve the case and to find out how the mother is doing now, the Police looking for tips and/or witnesses. Did you see something or do you have other info? You can call the police at 348 8844. You can also anonymously share tips about the non-viable fetus with the police. This can be done via the telephone number 348 0900.


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