The recently established Foundation for Independent Drivers (SvZC) is organizing a drive-thru on 13 January. through at Schiphol. With this they want to introduce taxi drivers to the foundation and give them the opportunity to ask questions about the plans that are on the shelf.

SvZC was established more than two months ago to reduce the noise of independently working taxi drivers to belong. “This involves drawing attention to healthy rates and safety, but also about our position as independent entrepreneurs,” explains spokesperson Eelco van Ravenswaaij.

In his opinion, it is of great importance that more self-employed drivers unite in the foundation. They therefore invite interested drivers to 71 January to P41 to get to Schiphol. “By car”, emphasizes Van Ravenswaaij. “To organize the corona roof, the drivers will have to stay in their vehicles when the board starts a conversation with them.”

First success achieved “The more drivers sign up, the stronger SvZC will stand against providers like Uber and Bolt,” he explains. This specifically refers to tariff determinations or discussions about loss-making journeys. A larger following would also give the foundation the opportunity to seek out more and better publicity.

In the past two months, the foundation is said to have held talks with both Uber and Bolt about better rates in the new year. “Uber rates have increased by 7 percent and the minimum price at Uber has increased from 6 euros to 7 euros. The driver is left with 0,71 euro cents more. A first success for us.”

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