Euphoria Software has two new shareholders and directors since January 1 10: Toshin Tjin-A-Sie and Vincent Bekker . In addition, the software company has brought an investor on board to support further growth and international ambitions.

Euphoria has ambitious plans for the future. This is why they have taken these steps. “In the coming years, we will focus on developing new planning software, driver apps and new vehicle equipment. We focus on both the Dutch and international market.”

The investor the company has attracted for this is Plain Vanilla Investments. “They will support us with their extensive experience with growing companies. In addition, they help us to tap into new markets and where possible takeovers.”

For the customers of Euphoria Despite these developments, little has changed. The current director Leon van Lier will lead the management together with Tjin-A-Sie and Bekker and guarantee continuity. Tjin-A-Sie is currently responsible for the Operations and Sales departments within Euphoria. Bekker, on the other hand, is responsible for the Development department and is concerned with the quality of our products.

Out of the box, but also realistic Both gentlemen are happy that they can take this step. “We have been working at Euphoria for ten years now with pride and great pleasure. We would like to continue the line we have taken in recent years and continue to work with the team on new solutions for the ever-changing passenger transport market.”

The beauty of the industry, according to Tjin- A-Sie and Bekker that it is a real we-knows-us world where there is always the possibility to come together from idea to innovative solution. “Out of the box, but also staying realistic is what the market can continue to expect from us.” Read also:

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