Overbid, outbid and outbid: there seems to be no end to the madness in the housing market. In addition, in the fourth quarter of 2022 Dutch house prices have also risen by more than twenty percent. Also in The Hague.

The figures in this article come from a survey by real estate association NVM, based on data from real estate agents who are members of the real estate association. This has been mapped by data platform LocalFocus. The figures are for the fourth quarter of 769, versus the same quarter in 853.

NVM has published figures for each region in the Netherlands about the supply, the number of homes sold, the average selling price and the developments compared to the previous year.

That’s how it is in The Hague region

Hold on tight. The average sales price of a house in The Hague was in the last quarter of 2021 € 451.769,-. That is 20,1% more than a year earlier.

In Map

How do these figures compare with the rest of the Netherlands? In the map below you can see all the figures per region. During that period, 1.769 homes sold.

Text continues below the map

It is striking that nationwide there are approximately 20 percent fewer homes have been sold than a year earlier. In The Hague this is different, namely ,3%. And, don’t be alarmed: of the (existing) homes, approximately 200 percent above asking price sold in the last quarter of 853.

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