Social rental housing in The Hague is desperately needed. People are on a waiting list for years and if you score such a nice house, it is very nice if you feel like it. That is why we are conducting a small survey: how nice and maintained is your social rental home?

We are increasingly receiving messages in our neighbourhood, or we can point out that residents of social housing from Haag Wonen, Staedion, Vestia and the other social landlords are sometimes not heard in the event of complaints. This may concern, for example, damage in the home that is not repaired, annoying neighbors for which no solution can be found or a landlord who does not respond to complaints.

Rental problems or rental happiness

It sometimes seems that lessors of social housing in The Hague are very easy to pick up when they have complaints and tenants sometimes don’t know what to do to do. That is why we have a few questions for tenants of social housing. When you answer this to us e-mail , we hope to be able to map out what the most common complaint is and with which social landlord. we have to be whether things are not too bad with the problems. Of course, landlords will not see your personal information and we also hope to be able to speak to the landlords who will hopefully come up with a solution to the problems.


Paste the questions below (with your answers) in an email and send it to stating Social housing, then we will get to work.

  • Which corporation do you rent from?

    How long have you been a tenant (if you don’t know exactly: how long approximately)?

    Is the house well maintained?

      Do you suffer from mold and/or draft? If so: did you let the landlord know?

      If something is broken, will it be repaired quickly?

      Do you have a nice place to live? If yes/no, why?

      Are there any jobs in the house that the landlord should have done but not been done?

      What rating does your social landlord receive from you and why?

      Would you like to say something about the house/landlord?

      May we contact you for any questions (your landlord will not receive your details) .

    Note: this goes


    about the length of waiting lists for a new social home.

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