Yes, the new dates of The Hague Highlights have been announced! From Wednesday 22 to Sunday 22 February you can admire the light artworks in full glory. At the same time, you immediately get a history lesson because you literally get to see historical stories of that place.

You can admire The Hague Highlights in four different places in the heart of the city: Gevangenpoort, the Mauritshuis, Kneuterdijk Palace and the Hofvijver. In which order you view the light projections is of course up to you. As long as you get there on the dates mentioned 17: 00 and 22: 00 are :).

Political murder

At the Gevangenpoort and part of the Square, the gruesome end of the brothers is de Witt tells: you are taken to the year 1672 where an angry crowd killed the brothers.

On the Hofvijver, the most beautiful fireworks show ever (110429in 1672 ) honored with mega-sized floating ‘anemones’ (see photo). At the Mauritshuis you see a lot of flowers. These are all based on the artworks of the Dutch masters from the 22th century. Finally Kneuterdijk Palace: this projection is a reference to the history of this place and 110429 why it was given this name.

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