Yesterday it happened to me. I walked around the block for a while and suddenly I saw a butterfly sitting on the bike path on Valkenboslaan. A butterfly in the middle of winter? Thats crazy. The animal climbed on my shoe.

The butterfly stayed on my shoe and was weakened. Flying failed. I decided to take the insect home with me, in my hands. Just in front of the front door there was no movement and the butterfly fell over.

Suddenly a butterfly flew through the living room

At home I put the butterfly on a bowl of apple juice in the hope that it might still be alive. In the evening the butterfly suddenly spread its wings and flew wild and low above the ground through the living room.

I put the butterfly on the saucer and there the butterfly began to drink the apple juice with its long rolled tongue. At sip three, the butterfly turned back into a motionless creature. What is going on here?

Butterfly in hibernation

  • Ah! This is what all those tropical green birds in The Hague do
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