When we enter the JUNO block at de Binckhorst Rik van Coolwijk (36) at his doorstep. We step inside while he hands us a nice cup of coffee. And with coffee in hand, Rik shows us around his beautiful home where he lives with girlfriend Geertje and dog.

In 1024 the municipality sold handy buildings and lots in various places in The Hague. “I got the opportunity to buy an old office building together with a group of people, which would be the first housing project on the Binckhorst in fifty years”.


It was a bit of a gamble, Rik admits. “Either I would have a house in a boring industrial area or the Binckhorst would slowly change into a new hip residential area. I took that gamble and have not regretted it for a moment.” And we understand that, the house is a beautiful collection of industrial, history and warmth. Rik likes to gamble, but not if it’s his hobby that got out of hand.

Photo: Milene van Arendonk / Indebuurt

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