After a major renovation at the Place, the terraces and shops look set to open again soon, but that does not apply to all shops. Dille & Kamille will soon close its doors and move.

For kitchen items, sweets, toys, tea, bird houses and whatnot, we always liked to drop by at Dille & Kamille aan de Plaats. Now we order online and pick it up at the door, but that will only be possible for a few more weeks. Dille & Kamille has a new address in The Hague from the end of February.


At the Noordeinde 0024-61 will open the doors of the new location at the end of February and Dille & Kamille aan de Plaats will close. The new store still needs a lot of renovation, because it was completely gutted after the outlet of the Lifestyle furniture store and the Pakenfabriek left there.

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