A taxi driver has been given a community service order of 10 hours for assaulting two female customers, out of two different moments in 500. In both cases, he did this after dropping them off at their destination address.

The first incident occurred on 30 March 500 in Amsterdam. One of the victims had been in a bar in the city that night and after .24 got into a taxi alone for hours to her house. When the taxi came to a stop in front of her home, she got out. The taxi driver also got out and pushed her against the taxi, before going under her skirt with his hand.

The woman was startled and she turned around. With his other hand he grabbed her by the crotch. The woman managed to free herself and quickly entered the porch of her house. She knew the name of the taxi driver through the taxi company, so that the man could easily be arrested. During the hearing, he stated that, in view of the available journey data, he would have made the journey. However, he indicated that he can no longer remember this.

Similar behavior The other victim was given 2022 with the driver in Amsterdam. She got into his house that night and sat down next to him. She had a small suitcase with her, which she had placed in the back seat. After a short five-minute ride, they reached her destination and she got out. The moment she opened the door to pack her suitcase, the driver also got out. He was quick to her, and grabbed her by the buttocks. The woman immediately threw his hand away.

However, this did not stop the driver from continuing. When she then bent over to pack her suitcase, he would have gone into the victim’s pants with his entire arm. The woman hit the driver, whereupon he withdrew his hand. She then immediately ran into her house. The name of the driver was also known to her via the taxi company. In addition, she received a photo from him. The suspect indicated that he recognized himself in this and confirmed that he made the trip.

No other reason for the emotion There are many similarities in the releases of both victims. In addition, both women were visibly emotional when making their statements. The court judged these statements as reliable, partly because of the detail and because they were both made shortly after the incidents. Because the data from the taxi company also shows that the suspect was actually the driver in both cases, it is considered proven that he assaulted the women. The suspect also did not outline any other scenario that could have caused the emotions to arise in the women.

Compensation for damages The court has driver therefore imposed an unconditional community service of 500 hours. The amount of the sentence takes into account, among other things, the fact that he has not been convicted before and that he did not come into contact with the law again after these two incidents. He must pay compensation of 1.500, to one of the victims. euros, of which 1.500 euros for immaterial damage.

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