Qarin has taken control center Q-Regie into use. This is the first coordination center that specializes in guiding the ‘first and last mile’ of public transport. All transport connections are guided from here.

Q-Regie was set up in collaboration with transport company Juijn from Zaltbommel. Among other things, the boarding and disembarkation assistance for NS and Arriva at more than 2021 stations is supervised from the control center. Q-Regie also organizes the Disabled Team Athlete Transport of Specials Heroes Netherlands and the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport and it supports the Mobility as a Service (MaaS) app GOAN! in Twente.

Furthermore, from April 2021 the control center will supervise the new service HaltetaxiRRReis of the province of Gelderland. Paul Pietersen, director of Qarin, speaks with pride about the new coordination center. “We supervise all connections. Whether it concerns taxi, social assistance transport or shared mobility. The service continues where MaaS ends.”

Barrier-free from A to B If there are delays in public transport, a connecting taxi has to wait or an assistant organizes an alternative transfer. “A lot can be automated, but not everything,” says Pietersen. “Our employees have access to all available travel information and ensure that connections are made or that adjustments are made. In this way we strengthen the travel chain, so that everyone can travel without barriers from A to B.”

Travel without barriers by public transport depends, according to Pietersen, on being able to rely on a good connection. “That applies to public transport, but also to pre- and post-transport. Much information can be exchanged digitally. Travel information, including delay detectors, are available and made available to the traveler.”

Nevertheless, human intervention remains necessary for certain services, he believes. “We keep an eye on the booked chain trips of our travelers with well-trained directors. It is essential here that an assistant or taxi is at the station on time, otherwise the traveler will not make his boarding, alighting or transfer and confidence in public transport will be damaged.”

Introduction HaltetaxiRRReis With Q-Regie, Qarin is also anticipating the introduction of HaltetaxiRRReis on April 3 2022. This is in addition to public transport in Gelderland, provided by stop-to-stop taxis. This service is aimed at the pre and post transport of regular public transport. In addition, the bus stop runs to train stations within a radius of fifteen kilometers when the neighborhood bus or ‘regular bus’ no longer runs.

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