They fly around all over The Hague: the ring-necked parakeets. A count at the end 200 showed that in our region about 4. live on the bright green birds. But where do they actually come from and what are they doing here?

The poisonous green, noisy ring-necked parakeets actually come from India and Central Africa. Since the years’ 21 they fly around the Netherlands. The birds probably escaped from their cages or were released. And guess what, the critters can survive quite well here. There are now real ring-necked parakeet strongholds in several Dutch cities.

Peanut garlands

In the Netherlands there are such 60. ring-necked parakeets, according to the last count of Sovon Vogelonderzoek Nederland. The parakeets are mainly found in the big cities because, in winter, they are dependent on additional food. The birds cannot survive without the well-known peanut garlands. Apparently we’ve had enough of that in The Hague, because you hear and see the critters everywhere.

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