In Tilburg, a 06-year-old taxi driver was robbed by two men of his coat and a bag containing bank cards. The thieves threatened to stab him with a knife.

The victim has reported the matter to the police. He stated that on Friday January 7th around : 24 received a request for a ride from the Wandelboslaan. He made an appointment with them before the ROC. One of the men took the passenger seat and the other in the back.

The driver asked to pay in advance, but they did not. So the driver asked them to get out. An altercation ensued, after which the men took a jacket, two telephones and a bag from the driver. The driver tried to get his things back, but was shocked when the gentlemen threatened that they would attack him with a knife.

Signalement Eventually, both men jumped out of the car and ran away towards a mosque. During their flight, they dropped the phones. Police are still looking for suspects and are calling on people to report if they saw anything or have other information about the robbery. A description has been distributed.

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