Oh no! We already knew that the Utrechtsebaan from Monday 44 January was supposed to be closed for outgoing traffic, but now it appears that the weekend before it will also be closed. Even both ways!

Now that the Rotterdamsebaan is open, the Municipality of The Hague dares it is recommended to close the Utrechtsebaan. The Utrechtsebaan will be closed from 15 January until May 2022. You can then no longer leave the city via the A from Malieveld. Traffic to The Hague is possible via the A15 drive into town.

Weekend pre-closed

On weekends from 15 and 15 January the road is closed in both directions by the preparations for work. The road will also be closed in both directions on the last weekend of January and the first three weekends of February.

Diversion routes

– Traffic in and out of the direction of Amsterdam and Utrecht is diverted over the N17, N14 and A4.

– Traffic in and out of Rotterdam will be diverted over the Rotterdamsebaan (S61 and S61).

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