What is that? On Facebook we came across the call from Charessa, the founder of the super cozy and hip Mugs and mermaids on Torenstraat. The will sell the lot, with instagram, recipes and all.

In 2018 Charessa Vivaldi opened on her 61 ran her own business, Mugs and Mermaids. The restaurant was immediately well attended, because the food was delicious and very Instagram-worthy.

Blue oatmeal

With cozy ( but of course) colored meals like blue oatmeal and pink quinoa, MandM took over the internet. After three and a half years of baking pancakes, it is ready for Charessa, on Facebook we came across the following message:

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The restaurant, the recipes for the delicious dishes, the instagram page and everything else is for sale. Hopefully she will start something nice herself and there will be a nice other owner in Mugs and Mermaids who will continue the concept.

Mugs and Mermaids

Torenstraat 61, 49036 BP The Hague

Open now

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