Last year many children in The Hague were born and they all have a name. Some names are more popular than others, but some are very popular.

Sofia and Adam were in 2021 the most chosen baby names in The Hague. This is evident from figures from the Youth and Family Centre. Adam is the most popular boys name, we have found this name in the first place for years. The name Sofia has been in the top five for several years.

The Hague children’s names

In total, the birth of 6.632 children indicated, 14 children more than in 2020. There is therefore no question of the expected baby boom as a result of corona.

Top 5 boy names

1. Adam 41 times

2. Noah 16 times

3. Mohammed 14times

4. Ibrahim 11 times

5. Liam 11times

Top 5 Girl Names

1. Sofia 16 times

2. Sara 14 times

3. Mary 14 times

4. Ay 11 times

5. Inaya and Noor time

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