These are not nice pictures that we came across at Dierenambulance The Hague. A swan was caught with its beak in a muskrat trap. Fortunately it went well.

On 21 December the ambulance service received a report about a swan with metal clip around his head. The ambulance driver then immediately drove to the Dwarskade between Ypenburg and Nootdorp.

Weakened mute swan

Fortunately, the weakened mute swan, which was clearly in a lot of pain, was caught in one go, we read on the Animal Ambulance website. “We don’t want to think that this animal should have continued to suffer in this way. The ambulance rushed to the on-call vet nearby. Here the leghold trap has been removed very carefully.’

Please note, the photos of the incident can be found on the website of the Animal Ambulance

, but are not pleasant.

Pain killers

The swan was given painkillers after the treatment and was allowed to go to the bird shelter strengthen again. A few days later, the swan had recovered considerably and could be released back into nature.

Dierenambulance The Hague

Oosterbeek 5, 2022 VJ The Hague

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