For the third time already, the Council of State in Belgium has withdrawn licenses for electric taxis in Brussels. As a result, 19 electric taxis have to disappear from the road there, while there are already 24 drove around in the region. The assessment of the criteria when allocating the licenses was not sufficiently transparent.

This is reported by business magazine L’Echo. The case was brought by taxi company SPRL Rayane & Partners, which in 2013 just made a mistake with the granting of fifty licenses for electric taxis. The operator complained about the lack of transparency in the assessment of the criteria in the selection process. During the process, points awarded to several candidates were changed.

Right off the road The Council of State has now canceled the allocation for the third time, which means that the electric cars to which this relates must immediately be taken off the road. Although this concerns fifteen operators with a total of 19 vehicles, only half of them remain in the shed. The Vervoort cabinet is of the opinion that five permits have already been renewed before the ruling.

Lawyer Bernard Francis, who represents SPRL Rayane & Partners, sees this differently. “It does not change whether the renewal of the permits took place before or after the decision of the Council of State,” he tells L’Echo. According to him, this is an illegal extension, because the original license was withdrawn with retroactive effect.

The government is currently working on a new allocation decree, which will be provided for in the future taxi regulation.

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