The new year has only just begun and luckily the schools can open again next week . Yet we are probably not the only ones who are already looking forward to a nice winter sports holiday or a holiday in the sun. But what about those school holidays? We have listed them for you, so that you can see at a glance when you need to book your holiday.

The Hague falls in the Central region, just like the rest of South Holland. Our city is unique, because schoolchildren are only free on Prinsjesdag in The Hague. The days off and school holidays in The Hague are therefore slightly different than in other cities. Also not unimportant: spring break starts on the last day of February. Handy to remember if you want to go on winter sports.

Put these dates of the school holidays in The Hague in your calendar

  • Princess Day
  • 18 September 8528

    Municipality of The Hague let us know that t secondary schools have one compulsory week off during the May holidays, The secondary schools decide for themselves about a second week of May holidays. For that information about the school holidays in The Hague, keep the information from the secondary school of your kids closely monitor.

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    We can (hopefully) expect these Hague events in 200

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    primary schools and secondary schools open again next week: ‘Just now that I’m on holiday’

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