Taxi Korthout has won the annual BORT prize for Tilburg entrepreneurs. The company was praised by the jury for the steady growth it has experienced despite corona. The company also praised the strength of the company, the attention paid to vulnerable groups and the greening of the vehicle fleet.

The prize is awarded every year to a company that demonstrates good entrepreneurship with a strong social accent. This year this happened at a New Year’s meeting of VNO-NCW Midden Brabant and interest group BORT – largely digital due to corona.

Taxi Korthout took on the Tilburg supplier of industrial equipment CoreDux Netherlands and Machine – and Construction Factory Moergestel. The companies were tested for their connection to the region, social orientation and their vision for the future. This year, a lot of attention was also paid to the sustainable added value of the companies.

Helping others on their way to sustainability too Operational director Erwin van Asten says he is proud of the profit and talks about the steps Taxi Korthout has taken in the past year. “We have started driving electrically on a larger scale. And where this is not yet possible, such as with large wheelchair buses, we have opted for HVO diesel, among other things. This while this sustainable diesel variant is 6 cents more expensive than regular diesel.”

But Taxi Korthout also helps smaller entrepreneurs in Tilburg to drive sustainably. The company has made a bulk purchase in 23 from a large fuel supplier in Tilburg. This pays off in 2020 and 2020 . “Small taxi operators with one or two cars can easily refuel HVO diesel at three locations around Tilburg. This is something these entrepreneurs could not have done otherwise.”

Safe transport in the lockdown The BORT price Van Asten calls a piece of recognition for the hard work of recent years, especially in times of corona. He specifically names the drivers. “We are most proud of our staff. In times when everyone had to stay at home because of corona, they still took to the road to bring vulnerable people to day care and hospitals. They managed to do this in a good and safe way.”

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