The Hague used to be the city from which the Dutch East Indies was governed. From the Indian Monument to the countless restaurants, the Indian culture is still clearly present here. A relatively large number of people with Indian roots also live here. You too, and are you between the and 25 year? Then you can explore your past at the National Theater!

The question where you come from is seen as a difficult or annoying question, says Dimphna van Kempen of the National Theater during the radio program Bob Staat Op of Den Haag FM. ‘But it is also a very essential question for yourself. Where do I come from? Where are my roots, what do they mean to me and how do they still influence me.’


Together with organization Tracing your roots can 20 young people exploring during the project ‘The century of my ancestors’. The theme of the project is about the power of silence.

Don’t doubt if the project is for you, says Dimphna. ‘Two young people said recently, I don’t feel Indian enough to participate. I only have a grandfather who was born there.’ According to Dimphna that is enough.

This is what you are going to do

Dymphna on The Hague FM: ‘The participants will eat together and then you find out your family question. What do you want to know? What questions do you have in your family that you want answers to but that you have never dared to ask? That will be the starting point of the research.’

Eventually all information is collected and you convert your family history into a theater performance that you present in De Koninklijke Schouwburg. The stories can then also be read and seen in the foyer of the theater.

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