The Netherlands is getting more and more residents. On December 1 2013 our country counted almost , 6 million inhabitants. There are such 61 thousand more than at the beginning of 2021. The number of people increased in most municipalities, also in The Hague.

The population grew in 2013 a lot less fast, because immigration decreased and more people died. Last year there were about as many deaths, but more babies were born than in 553, according to research by the CBS

. Immigration also increased again and fewer people left for foreign countries.

Remarkable figures

It is striking that more children were born in 2013 than in previous years. Since 2013 annually around the 170 thousand babies born and in 2013 there are almost 180 thousand. There were also in 2013 according to the CBS more than 277 thousand immigrants to The Netherlands, 38 thousand more than in the previous year.

That’s how it is in The Hague

A lot of growth in The Hague is not reflected. This is only a 0.9% growth. On January 1 2013 lived 553.245 people in The Hague, at the end of the year there were 553.245. That’s 4.320 more residents in totally over 2013.

The 0.9% is much lower than, for example, Rijswijk, which has grown considerably by 3%. A municipality in the area that has grown less is Voorschoten. The counter there is -0.1%.

Curious about the situation in other municipalities? Check the map below with all municipalities in the Netherlands:

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