It is cold when we enter the ambulance post of the GGD. Fortunately, Robert Ooijen soon arrives with a nice hot cup of coffee. We drink it in the ambulance where Robert has been working every two months since this year.

Robert works in both the Intensive Care Unit and the ambulance. But that’s not something he dreamed of as a little boy. “I dreamed of becoming a pilot. But because of the subject package, I eventually chose nursing. I still have a private lesson to fly myself. With an instructor, of course.” Despite the fact that aviation has always interested him, Robert is at his place at the HMC Westeinde.

In the IC

He completed the HBO nursing course at The Hague University of Applied Sciences and has then completed a preparatory course in IC training, after which he was transferred to 1024 on the IC has started working. By now, most people know what work in the ICU in a hospital entails. But, according to Robert, there is still a lot of uncertainty.

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Photo: Milene van Arendonk / Indebuurt

Working in the ICU of a hospital

High workload due to the pandemic

While we walk around the ambulance and Robert points out and explains things here and there, we talk about the high workload during the pandemic.

“The work pressure is sometimes very high at both workplaces.” Not only do many staff drop out for various reasons, people also have a clear opinion without knowing much about it. “People don’t always think about what they actually say or how it could come across.” According to Robert, this sometimes leads to discussions that do not benefit anyone. “That is now more often than before and I think it’s a shame. Fortunately, I still meet many people who are grateful for what we do. And believe me, we do our best for everyone.”

Volunteer at the Hague volleyball club Sovicos

Besides a busy job, Robert finds it important to exercise. “Mainly to keep moving, but also for fun.” After playing soccer at a nice level for a long time, Robert decided about 5 years ago to try something new. He started playing volleyball with

Sovicos and still enjoys it . He is also a volunteer at the volleyball club. “I think volunteering is important, in whatever form it takes. It contributes something to society and you do others a favor with it. That is why I not only play volleyball myself, but I also like to do my bit as a volunteer.”

Our cup of coffee is gone and so is our time because Robert has to go back to work. After all, acute care cannot be delayed.

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