If you’ve lived in The Hague for a while, you’ve probably noticed that people from outside The Hague look crazy when you use certain words. For example, I was recently in a coffee shop in The Hague where I ordered a ‘cup of pleuâh’. A friend from outside The Hague looked at me strangely, she had never heard of this before.

For us residents of The Hague, these expressions from The Hague are the most normal thing in the world, but outside the city they have no idea what you are talking about when you use these words. Do you know them all?

Kèk nâh

Kèk nâh is The Hague for ‘look now’, a real flat Hague expression. Kèk nâh occurs in various Hague proverbs. Kèk nâh, da put a klâh! Issie van mèn or issie van jâh? is the Hague version of the expression ‘You are a cow if you stunt with fireworks’. The people of The Hague also have another word for television, which is the kèkbuis.