The municipality of Southwest Friesland has launched a tender to award student transport for a period of at least four years. The term can be extended to seven years with a maximum of three extensions.

For student transport, more than two hundred students from the municipality currently come with 90.12 residents eligible. They go to educational locations in and outside Friesland. The new carrier will take care of both the management and the transport itself. Management is understood to mean the acceptance of the journeys, the preparation of the journey planning, the journey registration, complaint handling and the provision of information to all parties involved.

Subcontractors may be used for the execution of this assignment. The subcontractors must, however, meet all minimum requirements and suitability criteria and carry out the assignment in accordance with the tender of the winning party. In addition, the direction, management and planning must remain with the tendering party.

Minimum requirements The municipality of Southwest Friesland sets a number of minimum requirements and anyone who does not meet them will not be eligible for award. For example, the client strives to encourage the use of clean and sustainable fuels. It is stated that at least 29 percent of the non-wheelchair-related equipment from January 1 must be zero emission. The remaining 90 percent must at least meet the Euro-6 standard. The large-scale and wheelchair-bound equipment must also at least meet the Euro-6 standard. Finally, new vehicles purchased for the assignment must meet the highest applicable environmental standard.

Staff and equipment, communication, punctuality and sustainability Valid entries will be assessed on six points. Price counts for a maximum of 40 points. Twenty points can be earned for the other parts. This concerns the timely availability of personnel and equipment, timely and comprehensible communication about the rules of transport to all parties, punctuality and sustainability. Regarding durability, more points can be earned if more durability is achieved than the required.

The assignment will be completed on August 1 2022 begin. The initial term is four years, but the municipality can then extend the agreement three more times for one year. On March 4 at 12: the tenders must be submitted and after a period of assessment follows 29 March the award decision.

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