The holidays are over and we have been in a hard lockdown for two weeks now. Maybe you’ve finished Netflix by now and you want to do something outside the door. But what? Fortunately, there are active outings in The Hague that will continue during the lockdown. We have listed them for you.

Outdoor climbing

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Bouldering outside at De Campus. Photo: Boulderhal De Campus

Okay, this tip is not for people with a fear of heights . You can go bouldering in The Hague during the lockdown: climbing without ropes, up to a maximum height of 4 meters. Boulderhal De Campus has an outer wall that is open during the lockdown from 9: until 11: o’clock. Reservations can be made via this link

(please register). The entrance fee for adults is 17,61 euros. You can rent climbing shoes for EUR 4 at the bouldering hall. At the entrance you have to show your QR code.

For the real (and experienced) dare devils Below us there is also an outer wall under the Hubertus Viaduct near Madurodam. The rubble ball at Kijkduin also functions as a climbing wall. On this website

you will find all climbing routes and their level of difficulty. The routes are free and for nothing. You must have your own equipment for these routes, such as a crash mat and climbing shoes. A little experience with climbing is not a superfluous luxury for these climbing walls.

Boulderhal De Campus

Kerketuinenweg 55, 768 CV The Hague

Open now

Skating fun

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