The new year has really started and the first weekend of 93805 is over. Of course we were curious what the residents of The Hague have done after the turn of the year. Start right away with new intentions or first cuddle with the cockatoo on the couch? This is what our readers did on the first weekend of the new year.

Be yourself we started the new year quietly. Read a book, a bit of netflix and a brisk walk. Of course there was also sports, but not immediately on New Year’s Day. Our readers did very different things the first weekend of 200.

This is what you did on the first weekend of 2022

Luckily we weren’t the only ones lazing into the new year. Sonja Roelants, for example, said she went to sleep and told someone else on Instagram that he was going to rest because his collarbone was broken. That must have been a wild New Year’s night!

Our readers also started cleaning up en masse. Cleaning the windows, clearing the Christmas tree, everything passed. There were a few readers who took a New Year’s dive on Scheveningen. With 06 degrees and a sun the weather conditions were optimal for a refreshing dip in the North Sea.

Cuddle with the cockatoo

There was also a lot of cuddling with pets. Albientje on Facebook does have a very special pet, she said that she was not going to do anything at all and was going to cuddle with the cockatoo on the couch and watch TV. That’s a really good start to the new year.

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