A man who threatened a taxi driver with a screwdriver is jailed for nine months. He also received this sentence because he threatened supermarket employees with a knife after he was arrested on suspicion of theft.

The driver was on 12 August 2021 at work in Groningen, when the man took a seat in his co-driver’s seat. Upon arrival at his destination, he paid the driver with a counterfeit money bill and got out. The driver then asked him to pay, after which the man turned around with a screwdriver in his hand.

He is said to have made stabbing movements in the direction of the driver. The driver backed up and fell to the ground. When he got up, the man continued to make stabbing movements. A person who saw the incident take place from his home confirms this with the same statement.

However, the suspect denied this and stated that the witness was never able to see this, because he was on the fourth floor. lives. The distance would be too great for this. In addition, the suspect stated that he did not have any object in his hands, but that he usually carries weapons or a knife. However, the court did not find this statement credible.

Threat to supermarket staff The suspect was also on trial for an incident in a supermarket on 12 July . He was arrested by an employee on suspicion of theft. When this happened, the man is said to have taken a knife from his jacket pocket and pointed it at the employee. He then shouted “I’ll get you all” and fled with the stolen goods.

The suspect confessed to the theft and stated that he took an object from his jacket because he felt threatened by the supermarket employees. However, the object would not be a knife, but a pen. This was again not found to be credible, because of his earlier statement that he sometimes carried a knife or a weapon.

Interventions or supervision not possible The court is of the opinion that an unconditional prison sentence of nine months is appropriate for these two offences. There was no reason to impose a conditional part of the sentence. However, it has been taken into consideration that the suspect has had problems for a long time, including addiction problems. Despite this, the sentence was imposed without special conditions, because the suspect did not adopt a cooperative attitude in previous sentences. Moreover, no possibility was seen to limit the risks or to change the suspect’s behavior with interventions or supervision.

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